Awww, what a cliche question to ask anyone rowing an ocean – Why are you rowing an ocean? I think it’s something we all must answer at some point. For most people, I imagine you’ll receive answers like: To push myself, to find my limit, to evolve as a person, ect.

For me, this isn’t quite the answer. It’s not that I don’t think these are legitimate reasons, they just don’t align with my core. You see, for a long time now I’ve been wanting to do something that has significantly impacted multiple people around the world. I’ve been a teacher now for 8 years and have had the pleasure of working with young people my whole adult life. It has been extremely fulfilling and I am thankful for all the experiences I have had working in the UK, working abroad, as well as working for different youth organisations. But, for some reason, it’s just not quite enough. There’s still an inch that needs scratching.

Thus, I’ve been trying to think of something that enhances the lives of thousands of people rather than just 30 people sitting in a classroom. So, the first thing I had to ask myself is “What can I impart on to someone that will improve their life?” Well, I can’t give them money as I’m simply not rich enough. I can’t give them my organs as I’m limited to the number of those I have and the ones I have are a bit crap (shout out to all you congenital heart people out there). So, all that remains is knowledge. I need to hand over some knowledge! But, what knowledge? Do I even have any knowledge? How many people need to know what diffusion, osmosis and active transport is? (I’m a Science teacher BTW)

Hmmmmm, well the one thing I do know a lot about is adventuring. I’m also quite an avid reader of self-help books and lifestyle books. Maybe I can merge these two things together and produce some kind of workshop that can be delivered to local school in a push to get more young people seeking a life of adventure. That could be impactful. That could make a real change. Even if I’m only able to get one student per school to do something adventurous, I think it will be worth my while.

 The only problem is I can’t really go round telling young people to “chase their dreams” and “seek a life of adventure” unless I’m doing that exact thing! So, why am I rowing an ocean? Quite simply to set an example that ordinary people can achieve great things with the right mind set and motivation. This ocean row is not just about personal achievement, its about impacting the generations to come and ensuring that there are more adventurers to follow.

What do you think?

Do you think this is a good enough reason to row an ocean and give my mother a 2 month long migrane?

Is it all just a bit fluffy?

Will this thing actually have any impact?

One thought to “Why am I rowing an ocean?”

  • Louise T

    There is nothing strange about wanting to row an ocean. There are no limits in life but those we impose on ourselves. So breakdown those barriers and demonstrate that anything is possible with the right training, mindset and motivation.

    Also being a fellow Canvey Islander and a fellow rower, the thrill you get when you cannot see land is amazing. I’ve rowed the English Channel and a 3 day Exhibition to the Isle of Wight. So once you get to the start enjoy every moment, it will be life changing.

    Although it’s new to you, I’m lucky to have known people involved in the 2004 race (Boat-Queensgate), 2009 race (Boat-Mission Atlantic (known as Missy) which started in 2010 due to weather and the 2013 race (Boat-Mission Atlantic) unfortunately they were airlifted and the boat was lost to sea. They all came back with a renewed vision on life.

    So here’s day 1 of your story. Go get them guys!


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