If I’m truthful, I think I have probably only ever read one- or two- blogs in my whole entire life! So, I do keep asking myself the question why anyone would use their valuable time to read ours? Surely, there’s some Love Island to catch up on or some Great British Bake Off you could be enjoying…

Anyways, as you are here, and you clearly have some time on your hands, let me tell you what our “blog” is all about. You see, this blog isn’t going to be a normal “this is what we are doing” blog. Instead, this is going to be more of a discussion about what we are doing, what we are learning, and what we are thinking. We want to share ideas and experience, whilst also receiving ideas and experiences from you guys as well. Hopefully this will open your eyes to a couple of things as well as our own. Don’t worry, there won’t be any weird quotes or novel comments. Everything will be straight from the horse’s mouth – so pleased I thought of that

We’re also going to try and keep all the blogs short as well, so that it keeps you engaged (as well as ourselves lol). At maximum each blog will be a page long! Lewis Tillett, I’m looking at you. Don’t be writing 15000 words to bore our readers to death – please and thank you!

Finally, we just want to express how important this blog is to us, as we want to keep an honest record of our journey from start to finish. Please feel free to comment, like and share our content. The more people involved the better the conversation becomes.

We can only hope that one day these blogs or notes can be turned into something greater. But, for now, it’s our simple little story of how we intend to row an ocean.

Atlantic Daf

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