What is the Pixel Project?

Along with the four Oardinary Bouys there is another important member of our team. Someone who will complete this passage with us and who will perform the important task of keeping the crew safe – we call her Pixel. Pixel is our 4-man all weather ocean rowing boat. We’ll be honest with you; we haven’t actually bought her yet and we have absolutely no idea what she looks like or where we will find her. But, she’s out there, waiting for us.

The reason we are calling our boat Pixel is because she will be carrying more than just the four of us. In fact, she will be carrying three thousand and four people across the Atlantic Ocean. You see, we want our journey to be shared with everyone within our community. That’s why we are asking people from all walks of life to send us pictures of themselves, their loved ones, their passions and even their hopes and dreams. We’re then going to carry those people and those dreams across the water on the side of our vessel. Creating a unique Pixel graphic for all the other teams to be jealous of.

Along with sending your image across the ocean, you’ll also be helping to make the whole expedition happen. As rowing an ocean is an incredibly expensive task, we have decided to sell each of our Pixel for £30 to help cover the cost. This will create a fund large enough to purchase Pixel whilst also raising vital funds for our 4 designated children’s charities.

We’re really excited to see what people send us and we hope you’re excited too. If you’re interested in purchasing a Pixel, or possibly even multiple Pixels for all your friends and family, please use the link below and let us carry a little piece of you across the Atlantic.

Click here to Sponsor a Pixel.